What is the Best Online Dispensary in Canada in 2023?

Choosing the best out of the myriad emerging and long-established weed dispensaries in Canada is arduous. It’s become even harder now that cannabis is legal nationwide. This article, therefore, is just an opinion based on personal experience, reviews of other people, and assessment of delivery and client service.

The best choice right now would probably be GetGreen.shop. There are plenty of good providers, but this one has the most promising combination of good customer service, decent delivery policy, affordable prices, different promotions, and a variety of products for every taste.

All of these dispensaries are legal in Canada. Since 2018, cannabis has been legal on a national level in a framework similar to how pharmacies operate. Even before then, it gave a start to various online shops with actual companies behind them. So, if you buy from a certified source, you essentially buy from a regulated and licensed company.

Best Dispensaries in the Country

#1 – GetGreen.shop

The reason why we’ve put this dispensary here is that it has the things that you would expect a good provider to have. With some companies on the list, you might have to endure a certain poorly developed aspect because it has, for instance, good promotions or another advantage to outweigh it.

GetGreen.shop has a lot of good features. What’s more, it is well-developed to provide a streamlined, well-built, and comfortable shopping experience. It holds most major elements to a high standard of quality and adheres to the same high level of principles of customer comfort, helpfulness, and thoughtfulness.


  • Fast, discreet, and far-reaching delivery service
  • Low prices and generous promotions
  • Polite and informed customer service
  • High-quality products and boxing
  • Overall comfort


  • Website layout could use improvements

GetGreen.shop isn’t perfect, but most features that you want from a good supplier, such as good delivery service, decent customer service, low prices, and so forth, are all a thing here. In particular, you can expect a number of decent promotions that will let you save money on a sometimes costly luxury that quality cannabis can be.

Starting with the delivery service, it has fast delivery almost throughout Canada. The ETA will obviously differ depending on where you live in the country, and the more remote corners will have to wait several weeks. If you live in a big city, it might even take less than a day. The usual timeframe is within a week, which is pretty fast for Canada.

Another great feature of this delivery service is discretion. The package will, of course, come unharmed, but it will also come in an obscure shape without distinguishing marks that would give away the contents. It is necessary because not all customers want to be known as a smoker.

This discretion is also found in local customer service, where agents try their best to resolve disputes and ask a question without delving too much into the reasons behind the purchase and other personal details. If you have a medical prescription for cannabis submitted to a website, it may help avoid some uncomfortable questions.

This is part of the experience designed to make people comfortable while shopping for marijuana and similar products. Although, customer service isn’t all about comfort. It’s also about effectiveness. The agents are knowledgeable both in product and website functionality, many are bilingual, as well as polite. That’s all you can ask for, really.

The affordability and promotions are two other major upsides of GetGreen.shop. The affordability is subjective, of course, and prices are never universally low on these platforms. However, they are lower than average in the business, at least compared to other online dispensaries we’ve seen.

As for promotions, they are a more interesting subject. There are plenty of regular discounts that cut prices on a portion of products. They are very welcome, but you can also find promotions that make buying larger quantities cheaper by the gram, whereas being a ‘loyal’ customer rewards you with bonus codes for even more discounts.

In terms of the quality of both packages and products within, we haven’t found any major flaws. Other customers and reviewers also comment on the great quality of these products. The boxes these come in are well-made, and if you get a damaged package you can absolutely redeem your purchase for a new one at no cost.

As a result, GetGreen.shop gives you a comfortable shopping experience tailored specifically for cannabis users. Everything here is designed to help you along the way in getting high-quality cannabis (or other products), while also maximizing sales with promotions that encourage you to buy more for less.

Since all these elements work together so well, GetGreen.shop is well worth its first place in this chart, in our opinion.

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#2 – WestCoastSupply

WestCoastSupply is another example of a good cannabis dispensary. It has all the similar advantages as the GetGreen.shop, although its elements still don’t quite reach the same level.

WestCoastSupply in particular is a great supplier with plenty of good things to offer. It has some minor flaws, but it’s still a few levels above what you’d call an ‘average’ store. Its user experience revolves around a thoughtful, speedy, and helpful service, as well as a number of other pros that make the experience even better.


  • Very affordable prices and a lot of generous promotions
  • Sound delivery service with fast and discreet execution
  • High quality of products
  • Excellent customer service


  • Limited means of communication with support

The core advantage of this supplier is its affordability, as well as its promotions. It claims to be one of Canada’s cheapest providers (excluding the subpart quality providers), which holds more or less true. The prices are lower than average in the country, although the costs compared to GetGreen.shop are just about the same.

As for promotions, it takes great pride in this part of the shopping experience. Essentially, it has plenty of discounts, reward systems, and promotions. Thus, you can come here and buy cannabis for much lower than expected. That being said, it doesn’t always apply to the cannabis you want.

People often worry that such leniency might come at the expense of quality. Generally, it doesn’t. However, it does seem to follow the principle of affordability most of all, which means that some products might not be as effective as you’d hope. If you want an absolute guarantee that your weed will be strong, you should better look elsewhere.

As for the delivery service, it isn’t bad. There isn’t much to say here, as many top dispensaries offer nationwide delivery, so it’s not a unique feature. In terms of arrival time, WestCoastSupply takes about the same time to deliver the parcels as GetGreen.shop. Moreover, it also offers complete discretion.

The customer service is good on this website. You can contact the agents through email or via a message on the website itself. The means for communication with the company aren’t that diverse, but you can still get help very quickly, which is a sizeable upside.

What’s also worth noting is the local website layout. These things are usually not essential, but if an interface is clean, attractive, and not confusing, then it’s very welcome. The design is not phenomenally good, but you can easily find your way around it, which is great.

In general, WestCoastSupply is a comfortable experience with a lot of helpful features. The only reason it’s not on the same level as GetGreen.shop is that these elements don’t have quite that level. It tries to do its best, but not as well as the company above.

#3 – GetKush

GetKush is unique in a slightly different way. It also offers high-quality cannabis and other products, as well as delivers said products to most places in Canada. However, the main advantages are not what you’d usually expect from a good weed dispensary, although it still carries out its functions very well.

It has a very well-developed informative section, which is actually one of its core elements. The shopping experience, as well as the surrounding functions, is put together very well. It’s not the case of having a weed store as an afterthought. It has put a lot of effort into both parts of its website.


  • Plenty of useful information about cannabis products
  • The streamlined and user-friendly interface throughout the website
  • Comfortable shopping experience


  • Potentially inferior quality of products

GetKush is a very informative platform. You can learn a lot about different cannabis types, cannabis accessories, as well as other psychoactive and medicinal solutions. It has an extensive supply of materials covering all of that. It is good because you can learn about the things you’re about to buy without even leaving the website.

The great design further improves this functionality, among other things. Reading about weed is certainly comfortable, but the website is overall built very well. It makes browsing through its sections incredibly comfortable, which improves the shopping experience and saves time.

The delivery and customer services on this website are not very remarkable. They are decent, although you might wait for your parcel a bit longer than you would with other online stores. As for contacting the support agent, it can be done either through the in-built messenger system or an email. Both ways offer speedy help.

The quality of products is still not bad. It’s not particularly drool-inducing, but you can get a good kick from the buds, oils, and other stuff bought here. Each product is typically well-described, so you can know what to expect. However, there isn’t really a review system for local goods.

You can essentially buy a lot of decent cannabis products from this website through a very comfortable process. The only problem is that, while GetKush offers a lot of different products, it has more lax quality control. It’s not necessarily careless, but it is more laid-back than in the stores above.

Moreover, it works well as a library of information about cannabis and similar products. Most of you likely learn about these things from Leafly or similar sources, but GetKush is in no way worse. In some aspects, the materials here are more informative and memorable. So, you can use it for this purpose, as well.

#4 – GanjaExpress

GanjaExpress is another big dispensary of cannabis in Canada. One of its core advantages is the variety and diversity of product selection. There is a lot to buy, and much of it is of very high quality. However, some flaws make it not an ideal choice.

It is a very comfortable experience. The fact that it’s the fourth-best dispensary (in our opinion) already shows that its flaws can be ignored unless you absolutely despise them. GanjaExpress still does its business well and treats its customers with decency and consideration, an upside that often goes unnoticed.


  • Product Diversity
  • Decent delivery service with nationwide coverage
  • Decent customer service with helpful agents


  • Potentially inferior quality of goods
  • Subpar website layout

The variety is one of the more tangible advantages of this website, as mentioned. There are likely more products on sale here than in any other dispensary on this list. It means that if you want to find some obscure type of cannabis, you have a high chance of getting it on GanjaExpress and it will be of high quality.

Quality assurance is the other side of this element. Some packages from GanjaExpress may contain subpar or flawed produce, although it’s not necessarily a rule. It only applies to obscure strains of cannabis or other strains in rare cases. This is because not all of them are made well in the first place.

The other problem is the website design. It’s not essential for the quality shopping experience, but it’s easy to get confused navigating the layout. Consequently, this problem can make you spend more time browsing than you usually would. This isn’t bad, but other platforms have it a lot better.

The delivery service is still on a good level, as the client support. These two aren’t any inferior to the other examples on the list, although you can mainly reach the support through email, which isn’t ideal. It still responds pretty fast, which is ultimately all that matters.

For a lot of people, GanjaExpress is a preferred dispensary. There is more stuff and the prices are lower, but from this multitude, you’re bound to find a product that has inferior quality. Once again, it’s not common, and you can easily get a better package for free if needed.

#5 – GreenSociety

GreenSociety is one of the more popular suppliers of cannabis in Canada. It offers a lot of other products of similar nature in a vast cataloged collection that you can browse with ease. That’s one of its main advantages, but there are plenty of others.

This supplier is overall good. There are ups and downs, but the shopping is generally pleasant. You won’t find any major flaws, which is very welcome. In terms of advantages, several strong upsides might entice you to shop with them instead of the other websites on the list.


  • The large variety of goods for sale
  • Potentially many high-quality products
  • Decent customer service with helpful agents


  • Potentially low quality of some goods
  • High costs at times

The diversity of goods you can buy here is astounding. You can purchase psychoactive products of many varieties, levels of quality, price tags, and so forth. There is a lot to choose from for all tastes and preferences, including vapes, buds, concentrates, edibles, beauty products, and more.

You can easily find high-class products, but there are also plenty of subpar options. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this context because plenty of people go for these cheap lower quality goods for various reasons. You can usually tell beforehand if the product is good or bad. It only rarely comes worse than you expected.

Customer support can help you out if it does come in a shape worse than you expected. You can contact them via email, resolve your issues, ask questions, or request a new package if what arrived is of dubious quality. It is known to oblige to these things with a high degree of professionalism.

It has a very good reputation among regular users. There are hundreds of positive reviews on several platforms, and they typically speak of high-quality produce, good customer service, and other advantages. Much of it is true, in general, and this fact alone makes it one of the more reputable dispensaries in the country.

However, it is also known as a rather costly supplier with prices often higher than the average for the market. It is regarded as the supplier by a lot of people, which allows it to sell the goods at a slightly higher mark. That does not necessarily mean said products are of high quality, however.

The bottom line is that it’s a decent supplier with many different products, but it is not much better than what you could find on other platforms. Moreover, it is sometimes a lot costlier. You can find plenty of cheap products here, especially with promotions, but the main bulk is costly.

#6 – XpressGrass

XpressGrass is a decent supplier, although it does have its problems. It is perfectly good in many cases, such as if you live in an area where it offers less-than-a-day delivery or if it offers a unique variety of weeds that you need. In most cases, though, you’re better off with other suppliers on the list.

It is good, don’t get the wrong idea. It’s still one of the top suppliers in the country and strives to provide good service to all customers. As a result, it treats its clients with decency and offers good cannabis. That’s partly what makes it so popular among Canadian smokers.


  • Cheap products
  • Fine quality on average
  • Decent customer service


  • Confusing website design
  • Subpar delivery service

Firstly, its website layout is not intuitive. Compared to the other examples on the list, it’s seriously inferior. That alone can prolong your shopping experience for longer than necessary. That is only a big disadvantage if you have a particular beef with unintuitive interfaces. Otherwise, it’s fine.

A more sizeable disadvantage is the subpar delivery service. It can deliver parcels to the major cities within several days and throughout Toronto within a single day. However, if you live in a remote part of the country, you’ll likely have to wait a lot longer (if the delivery is even available there).

The products themselves are fine. In fact, many common buds can be bought for very cheap here, which is welcome. At the same time, it doesn’t compromise on quality, and it’s usually on a good level. It is possible to get a package of inferior quality, but it’s not that common.

The customer service is also not bad. It’s not phenomenal, but it’s not bad either. You can get help speedily enough, and the agents are generally polite. They don’t go the extra length like some of the other companies do, but that’s not necessarily bad. It’s just not as good.

In the end, it’s an adequate supplier that might surprise you with its prices and selection. If you want a cheap batch of fine quality, and if you live in a big city, then it can be one of the worthwhile choices. In many other cases, it may be a better idea to go to GetGreen.shop.

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This list is by no means the ‘one truth’ about these suppliers. It’s just an opinion, albeit knowledgeable. You might learn that one of these stores suits you a lot better than what we recommend. Of course, this is normal. If you have no idea where to go, though, we strongly suggest starting from the top of the list or checking Reddit.

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